Many say the eyes are the window to the soul.

I disagree.

My music playlists capture every feeling; emotion pours through it. From my happy days of dancing to 21 savage, to the glum days of thinking that i'm hopelessly in love listening to 'watch' by Billie Eilish, drowning in the pretend despair i have created for myself.

A window.

A clear view into my life.

The Neighbourhood's 'Daddy Issues' builds a perfect summer evening. Much like 'The Sound' album, 'Wiped out' captures the many imperfections in our society but it channels it in a positive vibe.

If my feelings were an artist:

Billie Eilish,
speaks her mind, young enough that it doesn't get her into too much trouble and all round incredible musician.

Thank you for reading.
All mentioned are huge recommendations from me.