Sometimes I feel weird.
Not that weird when you're doing crazy shit and stuff, but that weird when you ARE just weird. In a negative way.
There are a lot of people that don't like me- sometimes they look at me, talk about me and then I feel not weird. I feel scared.
I KNOW these people, and they know me. But all of them hate me.
Sometimes I don't give a shit.
I just walk my way in my creepers and think 'Fuck you all bitches'
But sometimes there is these panic inside of me.
Panic from the tip of my toe to the top of my head.
I just want to run away.
But I CAN'T.
Because how shitty would that look like?
I want to be strong, but to run away isn't strong.
If I just run away, I would never catch my dreams.
In these dark and empty hole.
I'm living for my dream. And if I want it to become true, I have to be strong.
That means, I have to face my problems. All of them.

Yeah, sometimes I feel weird. Maybe I AM weird.
But otherwise I feel amazing.
No matter what other people say about you, no matter how they look at you, love yourself.
You are amazing.
I hope,one day I will love myself with every piece of me.
But til this day, I have to learn how to be strong.

xxx Levi