Memes have universally become a vital part of internet culture. Predominantly used by millennials and post-millennials. Preponderance of the meme demographic, is our generation, commonly referred to as the internet age.
It has been noted that memes are far too significant in our time to be ignored. In a future which might not be so distant, memes are predicted to be a notable component of history courses, art history and literature. It is not surprising, considering that memes are a widespread medium of expression of our generation world over. Memes give an insightful understanding of the lives of our generation, politically, socially, culturally and artistically often using satire, sarcasm, irony, stereotypes or pictorial representations as a medium of communication. Historically, they are a valuable source, because every topic under the sun has been discussed in a meme at some point of time, furthermore, because of the tremendously diverse range of emotions and opinions presented by memes.
The influence that memes hold today are paramount. With depression, economic instability, social distress and stress levels on the rise, memes are particularly enjoyed for their humorous aspects. An effective medium of mass communication on the internet, the various kinds of memes have major fandoms on the internet. Memes provide stimulation, humour therapy, emotional satisfaction as they are often relatable and pensive. Meme communities that are separated by ideals are united by using their humour to put their point across on the internet.

To sum, memes are a precious, multifarious work of art. We must all preserve its diversity and purity and recognize their influence, and that could just be by small little things, like by refraining to support any hateful memes (by not “liking” or “re-blogging” them etc.) which prevents them from going viral, ensuring that the facts our memes present are wholesome and true, and sending encouragement to the artists out there whose work make positive differences in our lives. I truly hope this special art of ours is continued as a legacy in the future.