Colorful leaves
About autumn/fall I love mostly how leaves turn colorful and when you take a walk through the forest, especially on the paths that aren't walked on by most people, you are walking on this beautiful carpet of fallen, colorful leaves. It's incredibly beautiful. When I was little I loved to just throw the leaves up in the air and let them rain over me and I love watching little children do the same thing, it makes me smile so much and brings back memories of my childhood. I'm already looking forward to the day when I have children and they experience their first autumn with all the colors, the cozy clothing and the fallen leaves that you can play in.

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Another thing I like about autumn is Halloween. Especially in tv shows and movies it always looks amazing. Here it sadly isn't celebrated as much but you can find some Halloween parties and some kids also go trick or treating but it definitely is not celebrated as much as in the USA. What I like about Halloween is the decorations. Carved pumpkins, spider webs (even though I really hate spiders), Halloween themed candy or cupcakes and all the other spooky things associated with Halloween.

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I also like Halloween costumes. Unfortunately, most of the Halloween parties I went to were not really a "dressing-up" kind of party, they had decorations and all but nobody really showed up in a costume. There are so many awesome ideas for Halloween costumes though and I really wish some day I'll get to go to a Halloween party in the USA with an amazing costume. It for sure is on my bucket list. Some ideas for costumes that I really like:

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"Spookier" costume/makeup ideas
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"magical/fantasy" inspired costume/makeup ideas
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People/animal inspired costumes

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Autumn food and drinks
To me autumn is the perfect time for all sorts of food with pumpkin in it, like pumpkin pie, pumkin soup or pumpkin spice latte. I used to hate pumpkin when I was younger but now I really like the taste of it and it is the first thing that pops to my mind when someone mentions typical autumn food. I also really like all the different types of nuts that are typical for autumn like walnuts, hazelnuts or chestnuts. Roast apples to me also are typical for autumn but also for winter. Served with vanilla sauce they are simply amazing.

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