Honestly, in a relationship, I don´t look for a special type of person. I just look for someone that brings out something in me I would never experience otherwise. I look for someone that´s gonna bring out the best in me, but still gonna love the worst in me. Someone that makes my soul go mad but makes me feel like i´m missing a piece of my heart without them.

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I want someone that´s gonna make me feel so much passion, i don´t know how to handle it. I want someone that will intensify every emotion in my body. Make me feel so loved, i wouldn't understand how i could let others make me feel so unloveable. So hard to love.

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You could be whoever, look however, be who you want, I would never change you. You could have whatever skin color, whatever gender. It doesn´t matter to me. I don´t want an person, i want a soul.