Hello my lovely licornes! ~

I made some tips what to make an article about. Enjoy! ~ ^^~

1. Do you have any new cosmetics ? Why did not you write something about it ? :)

2. Did take your interest some blogs ? Summarized them.
3. If you have an Instagram, make a post about last month´s photos.
4. Make a week photo diary post.
5. Do you work-out ? Show us your workout plan!
6. Do you have some new clothes? Make a post or a video about them and show us your favourite shops!
7. Write about your hobbies.
8. Did you buy a new wonderful book? Let us know about it.
9. If you were somewhere, for example on some trip, make a blog post with your impressions & photos, which you took there.
10. Make a wishlist with "must-have" things.

11. Do you think your outfits are nice ? Then try to make an OOTD posts.

12. Complete TAGs or another interesting question post about yourself or about what you love.
13. Do you have any interesting tips for films? Let us know about them, right now!
14. It is really good for me, when I found some new recipe for another delicious food :)
15. Do you like DIY? Make a post about your favourites.
16. Did you achieve any goals like new followers or something? Try make a giveaway then.
17. Sum up what happend in last month.
18. Make an inspiration post: nice pictures, photos, fitness, food, everything ...
19. Show us your room in a roomtour post.
20. Random photos is another good idea to make a blog post about.