Hey guys! I'm so excited about the new article feature on WeHeartIt! So since I've been around here for a while, I think a good place to start with the new feature would be to introduce myself a little.

One: Cliche, I know, but you guys really, truly already know me. You know my interests, you know my aesthetics, you know my moods, you know my organization skills, you know my goals. WeHeartIt is such a wonderful creative outlet to really express your mood in a continuously updated and evolving way.

Two: Some basics: My name is actually Danielle. "June Haverly" is the name of a Troye Sivan song I absolutely adore. I loved the name and thought it really fit my aesthetic so that's the name I use on this website.

Three: I've been using WeHeartIt for about five and a half years! I believe I started using the website in the spring of 2012. For about three of those years I worked under the pseudonym of "heather chandler" named for the character in my favorite movie, "Heathers". I also had a really long URL of @faketalesof_thewest coast (not very aesthetically pleasing, I know). I also spent the first two or so years on this website with a grand total of 0 followers, and I'm so grateful to you guys for finding me! There's almost 3k of you now, and I want you to know I love and appreciate you every day.

Four: I'm turning 19 in November (if you wanna get me a present lol) and while I was born and raised on Long Island I currently study fashion merchandising in upstate New York and hope to move to Manhattan or Brooklyn someday.

Five: I love animation like Disney and Studio Ghibli movies, and I'm obsessed with cartoons! I can go on forever about shows like Gravity Falls, Bob's Burgers, Rick and Morty, BoJack Horseman, Over the Garden Wall, Steven Universe, and Star vs. the Forces of Evil all day.

Six: For music, I like to form and listen to playlists more than just listen to an artist, so that's why I don't have a lot of artists I fully stan. I do have a few though: Lana, Marina, Lorde, Halsey, Troye, Leonard Cohen, Simon and Garfunkel, Turnover, The Paper Kites, Arctic Monkeys, Cage the Elephant, Oh Wonder, Bon Iver, The Lumineers, Ed Sheeran, The Weepies, Dodie Clark, and Sufjan Stevens just to name a few.

Seven: I have social anxiety, panic attacks, and depression issues. But I'm getting better. It gets better. It ALWAYS gets better. My ask box is always open if you need anything! I love getting messages and I love to listen and give advice.

Eight: I love writing and reading poetry. I think it's so beautiful and calming and such a wonderful outlet for artistic expressions. My favorite poets are Rupi Kaur, Emily Dickinson and Charles Bukowski. I also adore making lists (like this one!) and keeping a bullet journal.

Nine: I love astrology and personality typing. I'm a Scorpio Sun, and a Cancer Moon/Rising. I am an INFJ and a Slytherin. I am of the 7th House of the Enneagram and I'm Melancholic (four temperaments). My Chinese element is water. What about you? Let me know!

Ten: So I guess I'll end this with some of my other handles:
Twitter: @ lesterspines is my Dan and Phil twitter with some personal anecdotes, current events, feelings, and art. And dogs. Lots of dogs.
Tumblr: @ cinderellas-palace is my Disney, animation, memes and Broadway tumblr. I try to keep it fun and thematic, but sometimes I forget to update it. I'm always lurking, though, so come say hi!

So I think that's about it. Thank you guys for five and a half years and almost 3,000 lovely followers. I hope the new Articles features allows for a creative and interactive outlet I can use to get to know all of you even better!

Hugs and kisses,
Danielle (june haverly)