I'm realizing now that articles are the new trend on WeHeartIt and that people are using it to share poetry, political views, stories, and just basic information about themselves. I'm also realizing that I've had this account for I don't know how many years and have somehow accumulated about 500 followers? Maybe that's not a lot to some people, but it surely is shocking to me. I've met some pretty cool people on this site/app and thought it would be cool to try and do again. And what better way to meet people than to introduce myself to the general public, right?

Well, here goes nothing:

First, just call me Ari. I've an extremely long and complicated name that even I mess up. I'm eighteen, and just recently graduated high school. I was (and still am) highly involved in 4 choirs (both in and outside of school), cheerleading, dance, newspaper, broadcast, and theatre. Being a performing arts student, I have a huge personality (partially due to that fact that I'm Caribbean.....we're loud people.) and this kind of intimidates people in person. I like to think that I was a pretty popular person in my high school. I was one of very few people of color within our school of 3,000ish kids, and, while I wasn't exactly friends with everyone, a lot of them knew who I was.

I love all sorts of music: from showtunes to Top 40 hits to indie/alternative to classic rock to 90s/00s hip hop to every form of Latin music. I even like a few country songs. I'm not huge on television, but I'm going out on movie dates with my roommate/best friend every weekend. I also love to read. I live in a small town, so my favorite places to read are under the bridge by the river (it's a really sandy, quiet place) and the cafe downtown. My best friend and I've become a regular there, so they already know my order and what table I'll sit at, which I find funny.

Aside from my best friend, the most important person in my life is my fiance. He's pretty damn great. But his dog is better because she doesn't eat off of my plate. (I don't play around when it comes to food.) The four of us in my little clique (my fiance, my best friend, her boyfriend, and myself) will all be moving in together within a year or two once we all start college (we, luckily, are going to the same college) which I think will be pretty cool. We'll be like one of those sitcoms, I guess, so that's cool. I'm also the only one with a general idea for what I'll be doing in college.

I feel like I've rambled on about myself for far too long now. That's what happens when WeHeartIt gives writers a new form of outlet on their forum. So I'll just conclude my endless talking with this:

Do we have anything in common? Has anything I said sparked interest in you? Or was this whole thing just a boring essay to express my own vanity and waste your time?

Message me if you'd like :)