So, each of us wants to spend our life bright, full of adventure. Start with the fact, that we live on the most beautiful planet in the Solar system.
Honestly, if you look from the side, the very fact that we live on the blue planet, which revolves around the mysterious Moon , and in the center is a huge ball of fire - the Sun - is a miracle in itself.
And so we need to be inspired by that and live life to the fullest! So, how do it?
If you are rapid man, then is not problem for you. But you say, that you just can't quit work and all your personal problems and enjoy it. From the outside it looks not so easy! But you just try to live one day, engoing it, forgetting about all your worries and problems. Engoy every minute? second and don't worry about a little unimportant things. Don't focus on offences, disatvantage or complexes. Try to imagine yourself, that is the best day of your life and maybe it happens like this... And finally don't regret for what you did and try to look on this from positive side!
Also possible, that you can to fill the life with travels in the most unusual cities in the world. It's so interesting!

In general, just enjoy life and not worry!!! And most importantly, take interesting solutions, and you will have an interesting life!