Thinking of doing a year abroad? Imagine living in a new country and getting to know a new culture and new people?

Well, I did. And here I am now. Sitting in my new bedroom in England miles away from Austria, the country I call home. I made the decision to be a foreigner for a year, and so far I didn't regret it.

On my blog I'm going to write different things about being an foreign exchange student. These things are going to be my own experiences and things I know from friends. So I'm not going to generalise things!
I'd be glad to answer any question you may have about school in England, finding the right Organisation and so on. Or if you're also an exchange student, I'd love to her about your experiences and adventures! <3

Mainly I'm going to post on my blog, so have a look at it:

That's it from me for now!
Have a nice day and feel free to write me,