From the last episode of Teen Wolf, Scott's house was attacked by the group of hunters that is made up of the people of Beacon Hills. After intruding into the armory that belongs to Gerard the pack found out that Gerard is planning to kill every one of the supernatural around the world.Not to mention, Malia and Scott had a thing going on.

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At the start of the episode, one of our Alpha twins is back, well one of them is back (the other one is dead -RIP Aiden). Ethan is back yet again with his strong Alpha powers and as well as a new partner - Jackson yes (Jackson Whitmore).Ethan thought that Jackson forgot about their anniversary but he was actually attacked by 2 hunters.He brought them to their house and it got really messy when Jackson turned into a kanima and broke everything in the house.

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After the attack in the last episode, Lydia, Mason, Papa and Mama McCall got into the hospital because they were severely injured from the guns and bullets that were shot into the house.Scott was worried about everyone in the hospital but his mom told him " Don't Run, Fight". But ,Scott have to gather everyone back to Beacon Hills to help him fight Gerard.
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So, they brought Deucalion back and of course try to convince him to fight for the pack.But Deucalion wasn't into it because he doesn't want to kill any more people in his life .And Malia tried to convince him but fighting him but she failed to do so.

In school, Liam attacked Gabe so that he can information about the house attack that happened at Scott's.But he wouldn't tell Liam anything.So, Liam had to use force against him.But as usual my favourite OTP is back at it again. Theo came to stop Liam from killing Gabe by inserting some LOGIC TO HIM.

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At the station, Sheriff is interrogating Monroe about Scott's house attack. Sheriff is trying to convince her that it is best to stop the attacks against Scott and the pack.But yet again, Monroe wasn't convinced and said some things that made Sheriff Stilinski shook and a bad sheriff. Worse of all, Monroe made all the deputies go against the Sheriff and he had to leave the station because it belongs to Monroe now.

At the hospital, Lydia was going through those visions again where she was trapped in the hospital that was frozen by some sort of vision she was having.She walked through to the mortuary to find that one of the cases was on fire and she opened it.

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Peter is back, meeting Scott and Malia at the Eichen House with a hunter trapped in the cell. Peter just have to give Scott a lesson about getting his hand dirty ( aka killing Gerard -because everyone needs to get their hands dirty in a war) by having the hunter attacking Scott and some jokes in the between of course.Peter wasn't convinced but when Malia showed him her vision he was shaken by the anuk-ite but then left. Even though that he bought his daughter a car .

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Since both Deucalion and Peter wasn't convinced so they had to find the primal pack .The strongest pack that is able to protect everyone.But to their horror when they found the entire pack dead by the anuk-ite. They also found Lydia wondering around there which then led them into the forest. Apparently the dead hellhound is leading Lydia to all of the dead bodies and especially an anuk-ite.

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So fun *fact* about the anuk-ite it is a 2 faced creature
hmmm, the makeup 2 faced or us being 2 faces to other people (yes we all do)
The anuk-ite is now separated into 2 bodies, one into Aaron and the other is a werewolf from the primal pack.This creature gives off unwanted fears towards everyone around them forcing the people to go into chaos.

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At school , Gabe showed Liam and Theo dead bodies that were dead from the anuk-its attack in a fridge. Liam and Theo had warned Gabe that all this while he's helping the creature and he's in big trouble. They showed Malia and Scott the dead bodies when Peter came back to help them.

Malia was suspicious why Peter came back for them and she thought it's because of the anuk-ite.But Peter saw in her visions that Malia and Scott has something going on and Peter didn't want that to happen .Because he knows that Scott is going to get himself killed and he doesn't want Malia to fell in love with a dead man.

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Ethan and Jackson got back in Beacon Hills to find Scott but when Monroe got to them first ,they yet again got electrocuted by her and of course they spend their anniversarry that way.
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