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They are the first and unique band in JYP, full of talent, each member plays an instrument, and sing (♡-_-♡).
They deserve more attention they comeback every month for a project call EVERY DAY6.

day6, dowoon, and kpop image day6 and wonpil image
My Bias Here Are: Donwoo & Wonpil ´。• ᵕ •。`) ♡
  • Recommended Songs:
amazing, congratulations, and fireworks image
CONGRATULATIONS (Good song,MV and vocals)
gif, kpop, and teaser image
I WAIT (Always Favorite)
gif, day6, and how can i say image
How Can I Say? (Pop Rock)
gif, teaser, and septiembre image
I LOVED YOU (I feel a bit of yaoi here)

I recommend the album "The Day" and Daydream.

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They are my first BOY GROUP on KPOP so i really admire them, i love all their songs. They are too funny and talented.

kyuhyun, super junior, and Cho Kyuhyun image
My Bias Here Is: Kyuhyun
  • Recommended Songs:
Devil, gif, and kpop image
DEVIL (Last Comeback)
gif, suju, and super junior image
MR.SIMPLE (A Dancing Legend)
couple, dance, and gif image
EVANESCE (So Good So Sad)
gif, kpop, and SJ image
ROKKUGO (Trot Pop)
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kyuhyun and super junior image
A cutie Pepper
super junior and as a child image
kpop, super junior, and mamacita image
Real Mamacita (LOL HEECHUL)


funny, Show time, and aegyo image

For me they are the best of the best (ღ˘⌣˘ღ) even the obstacles they still being the best BOY GROUP have multiple records and i'm so proud of every one of them. They are really funny as well as talented, EXO has the best vocal line i've ever seen.

boy, exo, and baekhyun image
baekhyun, exo, and kpop image
My Bias Here Is: Baekhyun (´ ε ` )♡
  • Recommended songs:
gif image
GROWL (Hit Song, Great Coreography)
exo, gif, and Hot image
MY LADY (I personally prefer the chinese version, so sexy)
Chen, exo, and lay image
dance, gif, and love image
LOVE ME RIGHT (Favorite Song Ever)
exo, gif, and for life image
exo, exo-k, and gif image
FOR LIFE (Second Favorite Song Ever, Chanyeol MV)
black and white, Chen, and exo image
gif, exo, and kai image
MONSTER (I love the MV, and the concept)
exo, exo power, and exo-l image
exo, gif, and kpop image
kpop, exo, and gif image
Chen, exo, and gif image
POWER (Just the Best Comeback Ever, the MV is a Masterpiece)
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exo, knock knock, and funny image
exo, gif, and funny image
Who did this? I love you
asian, exo, and funny image
I love him so much
exo, kyungsoo, and d.o image
Kyungsoo a cutie
exo, Chen, and chanyeol image
Savage Maknae
exo, sexy, and sm entertainment image
In spanish / Español para su disfrute
exo, sexy, and baekhyun image
So sexy baek ♡( ◡‿◡ )


The kings, my babies.

wanna one, produce 101, and daniel image

The top 11 winner of Produce 101 season 2, I seen them born, grow and now beign the best (I'm very proud) are the best of the best of agencies, their group transpires talent, although some are quite young have talent and maturity to be a great group.
They suffered too much and at the same time struggled to stay in the final, so that's why they are here in the first place beating my lifetime favorites, also last only 1 year and a half so you have to support them to the end.
Their songs from the first mini album are different from each other, although they have a fun and youthful touch.
They have the visuals, vocals, rappers, dancers and the charisma for an amazing BOY GROUP. LOVE THEM

1999, 2001, and asian image
My Bias Here Are: Daehwi (Forever Bias) & Jihoon (Biaswrecker)
  • Recommended Songs:

Since they just have few songs i'm going to add 2 Produce 101 Season 2 songs.

boy groups, wanna one, and produce 101 image
ENERGETIC (I'm so hyped by this song)
kpop, burn it up, and boy groups image
gif, kpop, and burn it up image
BURN IT UP (I love the coreography)
gif, kpop, and never image
kpop, never, and wanna one image
NEVER (My favorite perfomance in Produce 101)
gif, kpop, and season 2 image
HANDS ON ME (So good)
gif, kpop, and it's me image
IT'S ME (I'm crying)
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1995, actor, and asian image
1, bae, and bboy image
Our God Daniel
jihoon, wink boy, and 박지훈 image
Jeojang (Cutie jihoon)
gif, kpop, and wanna one image
funny, gif, and kpop image
Funny ONG
funny, gif, and kpop image
Cute Maknae


I'm sorry for the inconveniences :(

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All The Love