Princess ran after him, she began to feel the muscles of her legs swell and her heart was beating so hard and fast that she really thought that at some point he could jump out of his chest.
She got him.
She held his forearm and squeezed him, so he felt his fingernails pressed his flesh. Chaos didn't turn, didn't make any gesture to let her drop it, just stopped when he felt her so close to him.
Princess tried to catch her breath for a few seconds, who became minutes, however, her legs remained like Jell-O, she couldn't get out of there even if she wanted to.
Finally, she composed herself, straightened her hair, enlightened her back and wet her lips already dried and parched. Chaos didn't move, but it didn't seem to breathe.
-Why did you run? - he didn't answer the question, he kept still on his back to her.
She passed the hand that was free behind his back, felt him tremble, but did not stop, continued his journey from the left shoulder to the right shoulder, until it reached the base of the neck, he sighed, but continued on his back to her.
Finally, Princess managed to get her feet to move, so, without taking her hands off the places where they were, it turned Chaos with the body, facing it.
He had his head down and his eyes nailed to the ground, he clashed with himself, if he let his arm go, would she run away? Is this the moment when they were finally able to talk like two adults? She was afraid, she knew that any action would have its consequences, but she didn't know if she was prepared to deal with it.
She dumped his arm, took his hand now free to his face, tried to move it, unsuccessfully, then doubled his knees and looked at him from the bottom up, always keeping his other hand on his neck.
Suddenly, Chaos looked directly into her eyes, with such intensity that she perceived exactly what was going through her head, but decided to wait and make sure she would or did not break before him.
Princess thought it was time to stop thinking.
She held his face between her hands, put the weight of the body on the tip of his feet and pushing his body up against his lips. Her heart was beating rampant, but her body was relaxed and her mind was confident, continued. Chaos returned.

What he did not expect was that she would win her inner fight so fast, or that she had an unthinkable attitude, was surprised, enchanted and realized it is pointless to flee the obvious.

Princess & Chaos


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