Hello, guys, I'm planning on writing a post every time I feel like it because I really love this. I'm going to tell y'all some things about myself.. let's start

My name is Madelief
I'm 14 years old.
My birthday is on the 25th of January.
I live in the Netherlands.
I talk 2 languages, Dutch and English.
I had french and German lessons on school but I'm not really good in that and I followed Spanish curses but that didn't work out how I hoped it will be.
I really love to write, fangirl, eat, Netflix, sleep, sitting on the rooftop at 2.am and talk about life, the color yellow, changing my room, drawing, sing, dance, shopping, visit concerts, making pictures, making music, playing guitar or piano, go out with friends, giving free hugs in Amsterdam or another place and we heart it.
Of course, that's not everything I like but if I have to write everything I like I'm still writing tomorrow.
My love life? Uhm it's complicated. I have a huge crush on a guy at school but he is 17 and way too handsome for me...

Maybe I'm going to use this as an online diary!!
I hope you know more about me now and if you any further questions let me know.

Much love for y'all!