In my first article I wanted to talk about the fear of new. That's a subjet that affects me a lot right now. You know what i'm talking about? I'm talking about that feeling when you lose the chance of doing something just because it's something you've never tried and you don't know it at all.

I'm the kind of person that regrets.
I'm the kind of person who doesn't face new situations because it's scaring.
I'm the kind of person who lets all new things slip away.

All these renunciations end up being an amount of failures. And then you look behind your back and realize you've been unsuccessful and weak.

You ask yourself why you haven't made it, and after founding some excuses it comes up that you didn't have the courage. And it's a cycle that never stops.

But if you find that little braviour to not give up, a reason to try, a reason to risk it all, then you'll WIN. Or at least you can say "Well, I've done my best!"

I'm sure everyone had once this fear in his life. And I'm here to say that the best reason to not give up is doing that in order to prove something to YOURSELF, not to others.

Hope you like this article and maybe found it useful, :) :) XX