You're beautiful and you don't know. You look at yourself in the mirror and you can't believe it because you're often comparing yourself to other girls. However beauty is relatieve. Just as some people likes roses, others likes tulips, others likes margaritas. Some love jazz, others blues, others simply poetry. There are others like me who can simply see beyond the ilusion and convince us the ideo of defining beauty by the roundness of the ass, the volume of tits or the distance between each bone of the hip. How do you want me to explain to you that you're beautiful? The chemical composition of the moon's brightness dwells in your skin. If we formulate a mathematical equation with the factors of life the result will make you understand that you're practically a miracle. If I make you see with words you will know that you are both nymph and brush, both field and volcano, both sunsent and rain. But for you to see that must reverse the view towarsd the heart because that is were light and the truth originates.