Have you ever had your heart broken?
Sure you have. Your heart can break in so many ways, so fast. It's such a fragile thing we don't protect enough.

But have you ever had your heart broken so badly everything physically hurts? Have you ever felt the pain in your chest when he left? Have you ever felt those pieces break even further every time you saw him with her? Have you ever been awake at 2 AM with the tears rushing down your face just because he left? Have you ever felt the need to give up because, without him, why would you still want to be alive? What are you still living for? Have you ever felt like giving up?

And you? Have you ever seen me cry because of you? Have you ever wondered how I was doing without you? Have you ever thought of me after you left? Have you ever turned around and taken a look at what you've done?


Turn around and take a fucking look