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Earring are very important to complete a style. For me pearls are a fashion must-have because they fit to almost every outfit or style. It is a basic which I would never want to miss.

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Big necklaces

Big necklaces are eye-catcher which can pimp a basic and boring outfit.
I like to wear these, when i am not sure wether I want to wear something casual or something eye-catching, because it is a mix.


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black dress

Another fashion must-have for me is a black dress.
Depending on how you style this dress the outfit can be very glamorous with high heels and a big necklace or more casual with an oversize cardigan and sneakers.

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oversize sweater

I love big and oversize sweater with skinny jeans, because it is so comfortable and warm, which is especially now in Autumn advantageous.

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leather jacket

Aside from that I love wearing leather jackets with an oversized scarf or something like that in Autumn. You can combine it to nearly everything and you can also wear it more glamorous or casual if you want to.


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basic high heels

In my opinion every girl needs simple high heels, because you are never wrong dressed if you wear them to a dress or jeans. It is a must-have and basic for every girl (who can walk in them).

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My last fashion must-have are sneakers. I don't think I have to say much about them. You can wear them everyday without getting your feet hurt and they also fit to nearly every outfit if they are sober.