Being romantic doesn't mean i am a fool or a dreamer who cannot see the difference between reality and fairytales. Being romantic doesn't mean that I wait a princess with his white horse. Being romantic means that I believe in real, pure and unconditional love. Not everything has to be related with sex. I don't say that we don't need sex because we do, because it is a human habit, a natural thing to do. What I am saying is sex and love are two different things. Anyway, to give flowers or sweets or books and to say what you feel to the person with whom cannot stop smiling when his around, cannot stop your heart from a heartattack are not stupid. I think it is art. How a person can affect your behavior, your decisions, your judge is the most beautiful thing in the world. It's romantic. It's the reason why to keep going no matter what happened in your life. Being romantic doesn't mean i am a fool. It means that I want to try to live.