Hello my lovely licornes ~

As you may know, Bioderma is one of my the most favourite skincare brands. I´ve been using this brand for a few years now and I don´t intend to stop. I already used some products from Sébium collection and from Sensibio one as well. I haven´t had a single problem with any of the products I tried. Few weeks ago I finally ordered something from Photoderm, which is a collection specialized in a sun care. There are many reasons why should you start using a sunscreen, but most people don´t use it at all. I decided to change and incorporated the sunscreen in my daily skincare routine. I chose a Bioderma AKN Mat what is a protecting matting fluid with SPF30.

This product is dedicated mostly for an oily and combined skin but for an acne-prone one as well. A few years ago I underwent a "cleansing cure" during which I was taking pills against acne. That´s also why I decided to order this one. You can find it available on Notino.co.uk too. Bioderma AKN Mat slows skin aging and prevents from the unwanted reactions to the sun. It has a watery consistency which is white. It spreads on the skin very easily and it also soaks very soon after application. Skin is also moisturized, not only protected from sun.

You should spread it evenly and precisely, because after it´s dried you can see little white marks in case it´s not spreaded precisely. After application the skin looks prettier, more fresh, brightened and also a bit lighter, which I really really love! It´s also a bit matte. It has a nice and fine scent which doesn´t irritate my skin nor my eyes. When it´s properly soaked into my skin, I start applying makeup and another products. This fluid is also water resistant. I give it 6/5 and I plant to order more packagings. It´s a huge pitty it´s not available in SPF50.

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