Hello my lovely licornes! ~

I would like to share with you guys my opinion about Bioderma Sébium AKN Smoothing Purifying Care which I´ve been using for a month and something. Firstly I wanted to try a matting fluid but my skin got a bit worse because of finals, stress etc. That´s why I decided to order this product in the end. if you are interested in trying it as well, it´s on sale now! :)

Cream is contained in a simple packaging in a white and green colour which is are typical ones for a Sébium collection. It´s mostly dedicated for an acne-prone skin and it helps to prevent producing acne. It also cleanes the pores, smooths a skin, regulates sebum production and prevent from clogging the pores. You can use it once or twice per day on a clean skin.

In this case a product has a watery consistency and it´s easy to spread all over the face. While massaging a face with the product, it soakes into almost immediately. Personally I have to say I use it like a night serum primarly. In this way it works during a sleep. I also read it´s okay to use it like a base under the makeup, but when I did it, my makeup looked horrible. When applying this cream, pimples tend to be more red and when they´re irritated, it may sting a bit. But it´s nothing terrible. AKN Smoothing Purifying Care provides a light scent which is typical for the Sébium products. On the other side I have to admit that I don´t like it in this product that much.

While using it for a few days I noticed that the pimples were smaller, but my skin was red and very dry. I had to moisturized it very much. Skin wasn´t very appealing. That´s why I tried to use this product in a different way and it seems like a great way for my skin! Before sleeping I spread a moisturizing cream all over my face and when a pimple appears, I put a bit of this AKN cream on it. I don´t use AKN Smoothing Purifying Care on all over my face everyday - only every second or third day.

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