So here I am with my first article on we heart it at last. I don't know what I should talk about in this one, so I decided to rant about why I like WHI. Rest, I know you will be hearing about art, craft, fashion and stuff from me. Maybe an emotion or a feeling too will find their way in my WHI blog.
WHI is like a visual diary to me and I collect pictures that speak to me and each collection is very special to me because at some point of my life some of those gave me a sense of comfort and calm. I want to thank all the people around the world for making and sharing such amazing visual stuff.

In search of inspiration to make me get over those lazy and lousy days.
In search of motivation when I feel like giving up.
In search of love when I feel too depressed with the reality.
In search of passion when I don't want to go any further.
In search of advice's from the beautiful anonymous authors.
In search of creativity when I face an art block.
In search of calm when the storm is raging.

What does WHI mean to you?
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