Every single day i lie. I lie to my parents. I lie to my entire family. I lie to my freinds. But the most annoying thing is that i lie to myself. I lie everyday over again. I tell myself i am doing fine eventhough i know i am not. I tell my parents i am not sad anymore and that i feel better than ever. I lie about being happy. There is only one time that i am actually happy and i don´t have to lie. It is when i read or when i write or watch a tv show. Sometimes i find myself being happy when i am fake laughing and i end up laughing because it was really good joke. Sometimes i catch myself smiling over nothing. For the past year all i did was lie and i feel like i am finally getting better. I am feeling happier. I am feeling like i can take on the world. I am not completely better i know that. But i am getting there. I am finally becoming myself again and it feels better than ever. I still have my days. Those days when i just can´t smile. I can´t get out of bed. I feel so tired. But i learned to listen to my emotions.

- a girl with a plan