Dear People!

In this article, I'm going to talk about veganism. I promise I won't flood you with numbers about how many animals are killed every second, minute, year or whatever. I'm also not going to try to convince or persuade you of my beliefs. I just wanna share my perspective on this topic, as simple and un-pushily as I can.

Yeah, I think I don't have to explain what veganism is, so let's skip that part. I'm just gonna share how I personally came to veganism.


How I came to know veganism? Of course, it was the internet, but most of all Instagram. A little more than one and a half years ago, when I got into this whole "healthy lifestyle" topic, I started following some Instagrammers (is that even a word? :D), and yeah that was basically the time I discovered veganism, because even without noticing, I followed vegan Instagrammers. So yeah, at first, I was of course exclusively interested in their food and recipe posts. Then, sometimes, they posted about how veganism was important and how it changed their lives and mindsets and priorities and blah blah. Slowly, I began to be curious.


It happened quite quickly, I changed my diet to vegeterian. Why? Because I was aware of what happens to animals these days, and how the meat and dairy industry is exploiting them. I wanted to contribute less to this... so at first, I became vegetarian. This was in February 2016.

It wasn't hard at all for me, to be honest. :) I was actually surprised how easy it was. But it was always in the back of my mind, like... I should go vegan... But it's hard because I'm living at home and if I will tell my mom to cook vegan just for me, she would go crazy. Or well, she wouldn't, but she won't do it whatsoever. So, I remained vegetarian for more than one and a half years. Now it's September 2017. I moved to Vienna, I'm living in a student flat. I'm cooking for myself, so finally... I became vegan.

My reasons

My reasons are simpler than the solution for the problem 2+2=x.

  • We can't digest raw meat.

I know that all of the meat eaters are dreaming about being able to digest raw meat. People... we can't even digest cooked or baked meat properly. And c'mon, I know we've been cooking and roasting meat for millenniums. But that doesn't mean we are meant to do it. It was solely for surviving issues. Read some biology or anatomy books, and you will learn that our guts are perfectly different from those of the real meat eaters'. Apart from that, which other creature on this planet cooks or bakes its food? Yeah, none. All foods that are cooked or baked at a temperature over 42°C, are dead. Most of their nutrients lose their worth and effect. So yeah... we should basically eat only raw, but that's another topic.

  • I like animals.

Why should I want to suffer other creatures or beings if I like them? If I appreciate their presence and existence? If I see a cow, I just wanna stroke and pet and cuddle it. Not kill and eat it.

animals, farm, and fun image Image by tara tankersley animal, Chicken, and cow image beautiful, dolphins, and sea image
What would you do: cuddle or kill?
  • Why no dairy and eggs?

It couldn't be simpler and clearer, but I will explain. When does a mother have milk? Yes, when it has a baby. Cows or goats are no different from that. So, why the fucking hell should WE drink their babies' milk?? That's fucking gross and unreasonable if you actually think about it. Plus, the mother and its calve are crying for eachother for days after being separated (which is done so that the calve doesn't drink its mother's milk).

What about eggs? I told you I won't tell you numbers, so you have to go with undefined but true facts: chickens lay waaay more eggs in general (in a week, year...) than they actually would. Why? Because it's taken away from them. We think it's harmless because we don't actually hurt them, but that's not true. If they lay an unfertilized egg, they would actually eat it which would give them more energy and nutrients. But as they are taken away, they feel the need to lay more and more eggs, which makes them super exhausted, and as the eggs are constantly taken away, the can't get the same amount of energy back as they invest. That's why most of them are being killed at a young age; because they become super exhausted and with time, they can't lay the same amount of eggs as in the beginning, ergo they aren't "productive enough". It's even sad to write down.

About fish

This will really be just a few words: when fishing out there at the ocean and stuff, there are ALWAYS other creatures like sharks, little dolphins and whales that get stuck in the fishing net. So, they either die there, or get killed. Plus, overfishing is also a big problem... many species have already gone extinct because of us. Why should we make the ocean die?


Soooo yeaah. Just a few words. :'D Nevertheless, I think my reasons are perfectly understandable. It's simply logical reasoning, nothing else.
Do I like animals? Yes.
Do I want them to suffer? No.
So, I certainly want people who kill animals to suffer, don't I? Nope. I just want them to stop.
And for those saying they're not killing animals themselves... you are contributing to it by paying for it. And if you think you can't achieve anything by just not buying animal products, then go for it. I'm gonna continue being vegan, because I know it matters.

Famous vegans

Just to make things more interesting, I'm gonna list some famous vegans for you. :)

  • Miley Cyrus
  • Liam Hemsworth
  • Jennifer Lopez
  • Jay-Z and Beyoncé
  • Johnny Depp
  • Leonardo Da Vinci
  • Isaac Newton
  • Jared Leto
  • Ellen DeGeneres
  • Anne Hathaway
  • Bill Clinton
  • Brad Pitt
  • Pamela Anderson
  • Ariana Grande
  • Demi Moore

The end

If you've read this far... congratulations, I'm really proud of you and glad you found my journey interesting. :) Or not. :D

Kisses. :*