Hey hey hey!

Everyone needs some time to rest after a long and busy week so I have prepared a routine for myself to treat myself because if you don't let an engine cool, it will eventually explode. I should hope I wouldn't explode, but I would prefer to keep a burnout away. This routine was made for me, so if you want to use it, feel free to change things how you like! So here's how an ideal Sunday will look like for me:

  • 1) Make sure everything is done!

If I don't have all my homework and studying done, I know that I will feel guilty or like I'm procastinating; so to make sure I can properly enjoy my me-time I make sure all tasks for the week are done before beginning!

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  • 2) If your room isn't clean, clean it first

In order to have a clear mind and a fresh new start, I tidy up and then vacuum and mop my room. If it's already clean, I just mop down dusty surfaces.

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  • 3) Have a long bath/shower

After all that cleaning I'll probably feel a little mucky myself so I take a long shower, where I pamper myself with my favourite tunes on in the background. I take as long as I want because everyone knows that in the bath it's like a different universe.

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  • 4) Put on a calm/relaxing playlist

Once I'm out of the shower, I first open a relaxing playlist on Spotify, sometimes I choose instrumental and sometimes Indie music.

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  • 5) Moisturize!

To take care of my skin, I spray my body mist and put on moisturizer or body oil. It feels amazing and you smell like heaven, it's a win win!

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I don't use this, it's just here for the aesthetic
  • 6) Face care

After my body, I move to my face. I put on a mask and chill on social media while I wait for it to set. At the moment my favourite is Turkish coffee and milk, it smells amazing and leaves your skin feeling silky smooth! But apart from that, there are tons of masks you can make or buy!

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  • 7) Get a drink and a snack

After washing off the mask, I make myself a cup of tea and get myself a small snack if it's not late at night. I make the snack something light that I can eat without getting it everywhere and won't make me sleepy afterwards such as nuts, a few slices of fruit or one or two biscuits.

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  • 8) Free Time!

Now's the time to do whatever I feel like, it may be something I wanted to do but didn't have time for in the week. For me these activities can be:

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-Watching an episode of Suits or Brooklyn Nine Nine
-Browsing through social media
-Planning for the week
-Watching YouTube videos
-Watching a documentary

I hope this post was helpful to help you guys come up with some ideas of your own! Remember that self-care is very important and your body will always appreciate it!

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