" i don't know who i'm .. i'm lost " . Each and everyone of us can feel as lost as alice as long as we live such a hectic lifestyle in this wonderland so don't be afraid and don't panic cuz deep down GETTING LOST IS A GOOD WAY TO FIND YOURSELF AND I'M HERE GUYS TO HELP YOU FIND YOUR PATH .

First of all , let's see why you felt lost : * Is it because you are not leaving the way you want ? * You are not leaving your dream ? You are not content with your appearance ? You still stuck in the past blaming yourself for acts that already have gone ?* Is it because of that one person that are not meant to be yours ? *Or because of a negative minded person around you that keep spreading his bad vibes and affecting you ?

Whatever the reason is , Nothing really matters being not comfortable and not enjoying your life and always remember that life brings us tears and joy so the bad things that come in our lives put us directly on the path to the best things that will ever happen to us . Lemme explain further guys and take all the previous situations one by one =>

  • If you don't like the way you are leaving move on Darling you are not a tree . Change your daily habits cuz it will have a huge impact on your life and be sure that the small things make the biggest impact . It may take time for you to feel the change but i swear it will happen sooner or later . ( An article about changing daily routine and habits is coming soooon *-* )
  • Make the Dreams reality . Each one of us have a dream whether it is being a business man / women , having a company , being a doctor , starting a website , traveling , excelling in your job , studying abroad or being the first in your class .
  • You are not content with your appearance ?? Beauty is skin deep and it comes from the Inside from your heart that you ought to try your best to make it the most beautiful thing about you. I advice you to be obsessively grateful about how God created you . All we can do is taking care of yourself , your body , the way you look and the way you act .
  • LIVE THE MOMENT . The past is gone with all the bad things . STOP BLAMING YOURSELF . you want gain a thing that way as long as you still a prisoneer of your own mind . Keep in mind that you can't start the next chapter if you keep rereading the last one .
  • if you can't be around such a people you have to put in mind that EVERYTHING HAPPENS FOR A REASON AND IF IT DOESN'T OPEN IT IS NOT YOUR DOOR .
  • Finally surround yourself with good-hearted , lovely and kind people that will urge you to achieve your targets not taking steps backwords .

GUYS , here is a few tips to remember if you get in one of those situation that makes you feel lost . This is the first step to your dream life you have to find yourself . figure out where you are and what you aim for in order to carry on your Journey and upgrade yourself and your life .
Peace out from the rebellious xoxo

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