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So... I really really wanted to share my favourite ''The Pretty Reckless'' songs, since is my favourite band and I think their music is soooooo underrated.

If by chance TPR is your favourite band or you appreciate their music, please let me know?!


Fucked up world

( : There's a cleaner version of this song called ''Messed up world'' but the song just changes the word fuck for mess and it really annoys me, so if you want to listen to this song, don't listen to the ''clean'' version.

Goin' down

I looove this song since I am sixteen and I know what she means.
The first time I listened to the lyrics I was like... whatt?? why?? but then I couldn't help but listen to it over and over again and in some parts I feel like I can relate to it. But the best part of this song it's watching Taylor Momsen sing it live.

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Nothing left to lose

This was THE song that made me realize how amazing TPR was and since I discovered this song my life changed for the best. I love how the music is so relaxed and the lyrics is actually kinda dark.

Just tonight

I could listen to this song hours and hours and never be tired, and I used to be soo obsessed with the video, it's creepy, but totally worthy.

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Miss nothing

I'm miss nothing and I love the lyrics of this song. Don't let me start with the video, I always wanted to recreate it (don't ask me why because I don't even know)

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Far from never

I love singing this song so loud my throat ends up hurting.

Since you're gone

I like to thing that this song is about getting out of a toxic relationship.

House on a hill

And last but not least, this masterpiece.
This song is amazing, and I'm not gonna say anything, just listen very carefully to the lyrics and watch the video.

And there goes nothing. I love all of their songs, and these are not my only favourites, but they really changed my life a little bit and I wanted to share them with the world.