A lot of people in this world live in a box where they only see themselves and they don't see the REAL WORLD. Poverty that leads to hunger, drugs, killings and death. They don't see this situations that happen EVERYDAY. Be aware of everything because IGNORANCE KILLS PEOPLE, stay woke.
People only see poverty in money, of course...we need money for everything, but being poor, for me, means you are mentally poor because you don't think about the things that happen and what real problems are. YOU CAN HAVE NO MONEY BUT STILL BE RICH. Being rich, for me, means you are wise, you search for knowledge and you take your time everyday to think and to better yourself and learn how to love yourself. Do it, you'll find yourself and when you do that, when you love yourself 100% you'll be in peace with yourself and with everything that surrounds you. Your negative thoughts lead to negative actions.
I don't think money buys happiness but it is true that money makes the world go round. WHY? How do you buy food to survive? How do you get a proper education without no money? We ALL NEED MONEY, but before getting money you need to make your mind and spirit rich by learning, learn from everything you go through and know that there will ALWAYS be better days if you stay positive about everything.