Our life is all we got. That includes a lot of things, actions and people. But the core of all that is the combination of our body, mind and soul. Let's work on that a bit, shall we?

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breathe in deep!

It's easy to advice people to work out, but it's not that simple to actually do it.
For the ones who like exercising, I would advice to run and to do home workouts with any equipment they got. Just move your body as much as possible. For the others, I would recommend yoga since it doesn't acquire the same effort as cardio. While doing yoga you exercise your body, but you do it in peaceful and self-exploring way.

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Then we move to the second part of our life core. Mind is what we can't fully control, but we can always try. We seldom lose control of it and think we are weak or depressed, but those moments are just a reminder to work on our happiness and satisfaction.
Our mind deserves a constant motivation, effort and persistence. Sometimes people affect those, sometimes animals and sometimes the right music, movie or food.

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After all these, we come to the last but not the least part of our core. Soul is the sweetest part and even though we don't know a lot about it, we love working on it. That includes you eating a chocolate bar and smiling through it; the butterflies in you stomach after talking to that special one; the smile on your face covered in tears after dealing with some hard stuff. We do all of this to be happy, that is to make our soul healthy and active. Don't ever forget about this one, cause this one carries you through life and keeps you alive.

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