I found wehearit about four or five years ago I found it when what is on my iPhone videos were popular on YouTube I guess I am a nosy person haha ,I became addicted instantly when I got my first heart on the newsfeed I was so excited I still remember that moment till this day and ever since wehearit has been my escape journal and a place where I can post about anything that inspires me and never be judged for it . I love we hearit its the best app in my opinion

tips. only post stuff that you really love and don't post it because others are posting do it if you really love the photo

post be active when I mean active I don't mean post photos every minute I mean the max 4 or 5 a day don't clutter peoples newsfeed not a lot of people love that ,let your followers know that you still upload

it took a good couple of years to notice my weheartit building and gaining followers and two years in a row I been one of the top heartist and I hope to continue to inspire I want to say thank you to wehearit and lastly thank you to all the people who support and get inspiration from my page. Kelly Ann xoxo