I can not choose top 3 out of it because for me they are all very worth to do doing. But I will randomly rate top 3 out of them and they are all the things that I must do before I die.

The first one would definitely be sky-diving. When I was small, I had a dream that I had have a tail so I can could be a mermaid or wings so I could fly. I watched too many barbie movies and so I am still obsessed with flying or swimming. Unfortunately that humans do not have wings or tails, so I choose sky diving to try the feeling of flying, it is like fake flying. Just imagine the excitement and a little bit of scared fright you feel before going sky diving. You can enjoy the amazing view and the wind in the same time. For stressed people or people who are dealing with a lot of problems, they will have the feeling of letting go. I think it is super relaxing and I will not regret trying sky diving.

The second one, I would love to go on a submarine. When I was little, I already love to swim and play in the water, the coolness and the comfortability of the water will make you want to stay there forever. But there are some parts of the ocean that are so deep you can not swim by yourself to get there. Instead I choose to go on a submarine. It would be so great if I could go on a submarine with my mom in Maldives or Greece’s sea. I have been researched and I discovered a website that has top 10 USA submarine tour and if I can I will choose the Kona Submarine Adventure and Royal Kona Resort Luau. “Enjoy two Big Island experiences with this combo tour that includes a submarine ride and luau. Get a look at Hawaii’s underwater world as you venture below the surface of the sea to observe the fish and other marine life that live around the coral reef. Then soak up a bit of Hawaiian culture at the Royal Kona Resort Luau, where you’ll enjoy food and musical entertainment.” as stated by Viator.

The last thing in the list is a bit unbelievable but I was and I am a big fan of Harry Potter. I know can I can go to Harry Potter World in Universal Studio but it would be even better if I can try to become a student at Hogwarts. Having magic and go to school with witches, learn all the subjects at Hogwarts, have meals like a wizard, join a Quidditch game. At first year, students at Hogwarts will have “Transfiguration, Charms, Potions, History of Magic, Defence Against the Dark Arts, Astronomy and Herbology. Flying lessons (on broomsticks) are also compulsory. Flying is the only one of these that is dropped upon entry into second year.” And so on the students will continue until the seventh year, the last year. They sound so interesting and I hope that they can make it reality in the future.

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