When you lie there facing the skies and feel cliched of the blue, lose your gaze, close your eyes, and remember the love i have for you.

When things around causes pain and you find the way hard to tread, hold your head up and walk again, and remember the warmth of my breath.

When the lights around you go off, and your mind is filled with rue, believe you gave me the best times, and remember, I'm always there for you.

When you start losing your hopes, and it's harrowing to move on, turn around and find me there, remember I had said i'd never be gone.

When you're alone and missing me, and you can't cross the dark hole, put a smile on your lips, lovely, and remember, it's the body that dies and not the soul.

When your sadness breaks on you, and they counter you as a herd, hold you hand out, and feel mine and remember, my last word.

When you find a new love, but regret rejoicing their presence, trust me, I'm sending a white dove, just never forget our once brewed love essence.