So this article going to be about me.I hope you guys willnot get bored..
I always wanted to get tattoos.Since i was a kid,i always wanted so many tattoos.Because for me,they were the best way to express myself.And it's just so good way to show what you love in your body.With colors.But my family hates them.My mom hates tattoos so much.And can you imagine what is going to be her reaction when she see me with a lot of tattoos?..She probably kick me out of the house.Of course i will wait until i am an adult.But it will not gonna change

.So i want to say,if you are reading this,and if you are a mother,please support your kid.Always.

I am afraid because that if she rejects me.But i am afraid because i have only one life and if i don't live this life like i want..which will gonna be worse?