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💫 Helen Blackthorn - played by Alissa Violet

💫 Mark Blackthorn - played by ?

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💫 Emma Carstairs - played by Alexis Ren
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💫 Julian "Jules" Blackthorn - played by Froy Gutierrez
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💫 Tiberius "Ty" Blackthorn - played by Corey Folgemanis
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💫 Livia "Livvy" Blackthorn - played by Joey King
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💫 Drusilla "Dru" Blackthorn - played by Sabrina Carpenter
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💫 Octavian "Tavvy" Blackthorn - played by Max Charles
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💫 Cristina Rosales - played by Camila Mendes
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💫 Diego "Perfect Diego" Rocio Rosales - played by Tyler Posey
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💫 Malcolm Fade - played by Alex Pettyfer
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💫Arthur Blackthorn - played by Ben Affleck
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💫 Diana Wrayburn - played by Nina Dobrev