Its 2a.m. lights are off and you are alone in your bed thinking about your life,your choices,your dreams,the moments you had with some people (especially with that ONE crush) which you are dying to live again with the same enthusiasm,love and crazyness..... I always wondered why my mind does these throwbacks and what is the message that comes out from opening the box of memories....And as time passes by i guess that its not about remembering ,its about motivating ourselves to create new experiences and adventures with people we really love but never told them ,with people we were afraid to meet, with people who were close to us in tough situations even when they had better things to i think again..what if egoism,anger,lies,fear didnt lead our way of life?..Maybe these thoughts are the best advice life can give to us 'cause we only live once and every day is a chance for us to search the real keep on collecting memories!!

So here is a list of songs i listen at night to relax and think more about my expectations in life!!!

( Atlantis - Seafret
( ) Ghost-Jacob Lee
( ) Sorry-Halsey
( ) Hear me now-Aloko,Bruno Martini
( ) Mind if i stay- Kadebostany