All of us have moments were they feel so unmotivated, so here are a few tips to get you motivated!

Like setting your alarm at 6.00 instead of 6.30 and try out a morning workout or a morning yoga. And believe me you feel so motivated after that because you feel like you've done a good job & it sets you in a good mood for the start of the day.

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I honestly don't think i survive really long without a planning or a schedule. For me it is really important that i know what to do and what i have to do. To have a overview. And if i write down what i have to do it gives me instantly a motivated feeling and i want to get it going. So i usually will do what i have to do then.

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Ask yourself why you want to feel motivated or think about the goals you have and then go after that goal. AND DON'T STOP UNTIL YOU GET THERE.

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