Every now and then, most of us people need to take some time and take care of ourselves. Some like to pamper themselves and take days off, others like to chill listening to music or watch their favorite movie while eating some ice cream and other snacks. Of course there is some people who do all of the above and that is ok!
So, it's one of those days for me, and most likely for many of you as well.
It is important to let go of negative thoughts once in a while and focus on positivity and be content for once. Without further ado, here is a list of things that will calm you down and help you go through a bad day or just sit back and relax.

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Find your ideal way

First of all, it is crucial that you do what personally pleases you and brings you peace. For example, just the fact that some people relax drinking tea does not mean that it will certainly help you cope with your own problems. Explore your soul and mind and body in order to find your own remedies.However here are some that help most people and might actually work for you too.


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You need to learn to control your breathing. Inhaling and exhaling is not as simple as we think it to be. Breath steadily and count as you do. This will help slow your heart rate in cases of panic attacks, anxiety, crisis etc. Also it will calm you down and make you focus on everything, but also nothing. When meditating, all you can think about is the present, the exact moment the air enters your body through your nostrils and then leaves, the way your chest moves up and down with each breath, the way your inside feels clean.

Drink your favorite bevarage

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Sounds cliche, yes. However, it is a fact that drinking coffee or tea, even juice can help you relax and get rid of negativity. Make your favorite coffee or tea or juice or smoothie because you deserve it, you deserve to taste that familiar liquid running down your throat. By rewarding yourself, you will feel self love and appreaciation.

Start a hobby

It is not of import whether that is watching a new tv show, reading a book, jogging, riding your bike, painting your nails, baking or cleaning your room. Find something to spend time on and do it.

Don't forget.

We are all human. We have our flaws, but also our blessings. It is okay to want to focus on you and feel better. Talk to someone, seek for help if you can't make it on your own. No one will judge. You can do this.