Today was the day, she thought
today was the day to finally approach her
her, the beauty covered in blood,
the death itself.

Smeared all around her like ink
whispering death whishes like fairytales
pulling you closer to your doom
but not her, not today.

Today she was silent, composed, crawled inside herself,
why though?
what happend to the conqueror who never felt pity or mercy?
why was she on the ground, crying in the blood?

That was when she gazed up and the girl felt a stab in her heart,
her first love was in agony.

She bend down on her knees as if collapsing,
already taking her in her arms,
reassuring her that everything was going to be okay,
that even the devils as herself reach the bottom
and the only way was to go up again.

So don't cry, she pleaded, don't show me your agony,
because you never cried, you never knew what that meant.

The devil didn't respond, didn't fight her, didn't react,
but accepted her presence by embracing her
smearing her with the blood of her enemies, fears, anger, destruction,
swallowing the good, devouring the light in her.

This time the girl felt the stab more clearly, more deeply,
she felt weak, her life expanding to nothing,
and then laughter,
a sweet, sweet, dark laughter.

You stupid angel, the devil laughed.