Dear people!

This is something that has to be talked about. Why? Because I think it's something that we do much too often - belittling others.

We tend to be superior to people who we think are wrong or do the wrong things or have the wrong dreams. Much too often, we can't keep our mouth shut but instead just encourage those who tell us about their dreams and ambitions and plans. It's VERY important: "Never belittle anyone's dreams or ambitions. You might be crushing a big thing when it's just unfolding." - Venkat Desireddy

Because, what would you expect if you told someone about your dreams? You wouldn't want them to say: "Wow haha, sounds ridiculous" or "That's what you wanna do? Hm, k". LIKE OMFG ENCOURAGE ME ALREADY?! We all want to be confirmed and approved of our plans and dreams and we want to be said: "Wow, sounds absolutely awesome, I know you're going to rock it!"

Doesn't this sound much better?
Doesn't this make us even more determined and ready for our dreams?
Yes, it does. Remember... you get what you give.

I've got another one: "If I'm wrong, educate me. Don't belittle me." is also so true. I'm often in situations in which I don't know about certain things or I'm not at home in a subject, and then I'm often said: "Pff how can you not know this? How can you be so dumb/uneducated?" And then I'm like wow okay slow down, I don't have to know about every single topic in this fucking world... Do you experience this as well, or am I the only one? Like dude, what if I don't know it? Tell me about it, I'm interested, I'm open for new. "But but but omg you're so dumb". Well, fuck you then. :D

Sooo yeah, in summary, I just want for this world that people understand eachother more. That people listen to eachother, and don't necessarily give advice, but just encourage and motivate one another. That's what I'm striving and attempting to do, because, remember... ;)

Thank you for reading! <3