Each heart break is different. We all think our first love is going to hurt the worst, but it’s the ones we don’t see coming that end up being the most painful.

See, when you know there’s an end coming you prepare yourself. You build your walls and say goodbye, but even then it hurts like hell. What hurts the most are the ones where everything is going so well. Perfect even. Everything seems to be falling into place, and then it hits you. You know the feeling in your chest where it’s so tight you can barely breathe? Yeah, your heart is literally hurting. As we get older our hopes get higher and we start to picture our future, usually with someone by our side. But for me, it doesn’t always end up like that. I always see the good in people, even when I’m laying in bed next to them right after they told me they can’t be with me. After they tore my heart out of my chest and held it in their hands. Even as they played my with my hair and repeated I’m sorry over and over, I still saw the best in them.

Each heart break is different. And I know this won’t be the last. It’s a feeling I never want anyone to experience. I would never want anyone to know the pain of sitting in the shower, the hot water drowning out the tears and muting the sobs that rack my body. I would never want anyone to think they aren’t good enough just because a boy doesn’t see their worth. Every heart break is different, but when you find the one you’ve been looking for, praying for, they all seem worth it, because then you’ll never have to experience that pain again