Hi everyone, surfing on WHI i found this challenge and it seemed so nice. I'm not so bumptious to believe that you want to know me, I just think it is funny and I like to get involved, so here I am!

List 20 random facts about yourself

1. I'm from South Italy, and I love to be a sicilian girl becaouse I love Sicily, I love sea and specially I love the sicilian culture;
2. I teached myself how to play the harmonica but I'm not very good, so;
3.I also started to teach myself how to draw, and i'm so happy because I really can do it!
4.I have two older brother and a younger sister;
5.My bed literally takes up about 2/5 of my room space
6.I love music and I found in it so many things;
7.I think that I haven't a preferite band or singer;
8.I graduated from high school three years ago
9.I support and respect the LGBTQ+ community
10.I think that any letter added to LGBT is superfluous;
11.My native language is Italian, but I also speak English and Spanish;
12.I love to keep my notes in school organized and pretty
13.I never do the 12th;
14.Now i'm studing lettere moderne (I don't know how to say);
15.I love photography;
16.My family is really important to me;
17.I love my dogs: a Siberian Husky, named Lady that is my love, and an America Pitbull, Oscar, that is so important to me;
18.My sister is also my best friend;
19.I'm very shy and insicure;
20. I'm a princess of sarcasm, yay!

Now, I hope you like it, and you have a little fun with me, see ya!