Sports can play a very important part in our lives. For some people, sports is life. And I, am one of them. I am a short distance sprinter who has taken part in many national and an international event. Running made me feel like I was flying in the air and nothing could stop me. But alas, that time did not last. After 11 years of hardwork, an ankle ligament injury struck me.

I could not believe that it happened. It was like my life was taken from me. I was shaken up.

I should tell you guys that the injury was my own fault and it could be avoided. First things first, when you feel the slightest bit of pain or discomfort in any muscle or part of your body.... STOP doing everything and have a look and feel that body part. Do it, even if it means stopping your workout midway. Sometimes, those little things can lead to injuries. Always ice your muscles well, when you feel pain.

But what if an injury strikes?
The most important thing is do not panic or fear (I know that it's tough to do so. Even I did panic.). The next thing is immediately get it checked by the doctor. Know what kind of injury did you get. Take X-Rays and MRIs and whatever it takes to know your injury better. Also, DO NOT workout for as many days as the doctor advises (I'm saying this coz I did not rest for required time and tried working out. It only made things worst).

Take as many days as it requires to rest and heal. I know you guys might be itching to get back to the ground, but be patient with your injury. Strengthen your muscles as you do so.

But what about the emotional part?
Getting an injury proves to be the biggest kind of stress for any sportsperson. Not a single day passes without shedding a few tears as you reminisce about the days when you were in good form. I remember crying every single day after the injury. You start feeling low. Nothing makes you happy then. But then I started watching motivational videos which really helped massively! Knowing that you are not the only one who went through this stage gives you relief and makes you feel less sad. Always try to think positive thoughts. Remember and thank God that the injury could have got even worse, but it didn't.

When I went to the ground for the first time after 3 months of rest, I was told to jog. And I felt extremely jealous looking at my fellow sportspeople in complete good shape. How I longed to be able to run and play like them. That's when I shed even more tears.

But then... what did I do? Give up? Nah. I did think of it, But let me tell you guys that giving up is never the solution. Always, always think of the sport that made you so happy. Would you ever give up on your loved ones? I don't think so. Similarly, do it for the love of the sport. Always try to give it your best shot.

Getting an injury is the most horrid nightmare that a sportsperson can get. It makes you lose hope in you. But by not giving up, you can turn that nightmare into the most incredible dream. Injuries teach you many things about yourself and others. It may surprise you.

Remember, it always takes time. You have to be very patient about it. It's not called an injury if it does not take a lot of time to heal. Wait for it. Today, it's been six months for me since the injury took place. I have lost lots of my speed and strength. But I am building it back again, being extremely patient. I am recovering slowly, but nonetheless, recovering.

Never say that you will give up after an injury. Believe in your body, and most importantly, BELIEVE IN YOURSELF. I hope that you all get through this phase in good shape and are able to make the greatest comeback. All the best to all of you amazing sportspeople out there! :-)