we are all faced at some point with a Forbidden Love trust me whether it's a crush on a friends ex , someone your friends interested in or whether it's the crush on your friend or the worst your best friend we all know it's classified as forbidden love.
This is because of the idea that even though we feel the attraction to that special someone YOU always question if you should act on the feeling and risk losing a friend as result of sharing your feelings.Yet there is also the other questioning what if magically they like YOU the same way and trust me i know we all wish for this but sometimes they just cant see you as anything else. which totally sucks but you must respect that.
haha currently you're reading this thinking of someone i know i would be as well.
The feelings you get when your phone lights up saying that they have sent you message or tagged you in a post, the way they are one of the reasons behind the stupid smile and the butterflies that grow when they are close by causes you to sometimes say stupid things but they don't judge you. before you know it you want to spend more time with them you want to feel safe and you do around them.