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'Have you ever felt special?
Or even unique?
You are washing your face, having a look at the mirror.
"Is this really me?" you ask yourself. No answer.
You realize, it feels unnormal. It feels good.
Every time you walk around.
Every time you touch your hair.
Every time somebody looks at you. They seems to be jealous, never mind.
Every time you look at yourself.
The mirror turns into your friend.
That normal person turns into a unique looking girl.
She is smiling. I realized that she is me.
She is happy. I am happy.
I open my eyes and see that bright light.
What was that, last night?
I don't really know, but it felt good.
I am pretty.

colors, thank you, and for image lovely, photography, and tumblr da pandiinha image

That was my first time I wrote a poem. It might be that I will stop writing those because I feel like I haven't the talent writing these.
Anyway, I hope you found the massage in it.

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