Oily skin

If you have oily and acne skin, you may think this is crazy, but trust me, you need skin oil too: your skin produces more sebum than the other types, so you think you have to make it drier, but it’s not so. Infact, by nourishing and protecting it, with a suitable vegetal oil, you can make your skin release less sebum continuously. Thanks to the oil, your skin will adjust and it will be less shiny.

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Choose from the ones less dense, like jojoba oil, carrot oil, black cumin oil or nuts oil.
If you have pimples or impurities, add some drops of tea tree oil, which, besides being a good antibacterial, it will dry your pimples quickly.

Normal skin

If you skin is normal, you have to preserve it like that (lucky you!)

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All you need is an oil which valorizes your healthy and shiny skin, such as sweet almonds oil, macadamia oil or argan oil.

Dry skin

You have to reconstruct the hydrophilic barrier (rich in water and lipids) which protects your skin.

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The ideal ones are oils rich in Omega 3 and Omega 6 , like avocado oil, grain germ oil, karitè oil.

Mixed skin

You have the classic mixed skin: shiny on the T zone but drier on the rest of the face. So, your aim is to rebalance it.

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Jojoba oil, argan oil and grapeseed oil are perfect, maybe mixed with some drops of geranium essential oil, which is a good astringent.

Sensible skin

Your skin redden for nothing, so the perfect oil must have an anti-inflammatory effect, protective and anti-redness (as far as possible).

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So, let’s use marigold oil , hazelnuts oil or sweet almonds oil!

Mature skin

If you want to retard the wrinkles, I’ve got a good news for you: there’s an oil even for this purpose. It has to be firming, so use mosqueta rose oil, apricot seeds oil or borage oil.

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Dull skin

First of all, find the origin of your problem: Is it because you smoke or because you’ve sunbathed too much? Is it the windy weather or the rowdy evenings in the last few months? Or because mother nature wasn’t so kind with you, so, despite the healthy life style, your skin’s never shiny?

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The first advice is to get full of vitamin D and protecting from Sun rays. The second one is to use the right oil: carrot oil, coconut oil and apricot seeds oil.

Hope this article (and the previous two) will help you! ;)