We're all wayfaring travellers,
Trudging down our separate roads,
hoping, wishing, praying,
Someone will come to share our load,
There's sunburn on our sholders,
And there are blisters on our feet,
We brave the wildest blizzards,
And the scorching summer heat,
Sometimes we find somebody,
Who is going our way too,
And while they walk beside us,
The sky seems a bit more blue,
But all roads twist and turn,
And when you reach an intersection,
It's likely life will take them,
In the opposite direction,
But don't give up on hoping,
When your road is a dead end,
It's likely that you'll find,
It's only really just a bend,
And though other's roads are different,
It doesn't mean that yours is wrong,
So pick yourself back up again,
And just keep trudging on.