Here's my morning routine:

Wake Up

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My tip for waking up earlier, if you struggle, is to start waking up 10 minutes earlier each morning a week before school\work starts. Also, so cliché, but having a good night sleep and going to bed a little earlier will change a lot your morning routine.

Well, pretty self explanatory, but still. I like taking 5-10 minutes to roll in my bed and to think what I'm going to do that day.
I try to stay away from my phone, because I obviously know it's a lot better for your health (but I'm not always good at this...)


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A good, healthy and tasty breakfast could be porridge, yogurt and fresh fruit. Try to add a syrup such as honey or maple and it'll be super nice.

When I was younger I used to skip breakfast, but that's so wrong! Now I usually like to have porridge or yogurt or simply iced coffee. Also, start with a glass of hot water and half a lemon to wake your metabolism wake up.

Read, pray, write, study

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Set a daily goal (such as reading 10 pages a day), set an alarm and start reading! It's so relaxing and also mind-opening. If you also like to write, take a little bit of time to write down how you feel.

I don't journal or anything like that, I can't really keep up with a bullet journal. I simply keep a diary where I can write down the date and ALL my feeling. I don't care how I write them, I just simply do. All at once. (Btw, I do the same at night)


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a basic, 5 min workout: 20 jumping jacks, 20 mountain climbers, 20 high knees, 20 donkey kicks, 20 crunches and stretch.

I usually workout 3 times a week, so I just put this in. I like doing total body workouts and I don't necessarily go to the gym. If you'd like to, I'll make a dedicated post on my personal workout.

Shower, getting ready

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I take a nice hot shower, blow dry my hair, and get ready. I try to keep on with a skincare routine as much as possible, to keep my skin fresh and clean.

So this is it for my morning routine, I really hope you liked this.
See you soon!