Hi everyone! This is my third article, sorry for my english, i'm italian!
Today i'm here with: Back to school: 10 things you need to do before back to school, so let's go!

1- The first thing you need to do before going back to school is get some new school supplies!

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2- It's really good to just de-stress and relax now whene you're on summer break!

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3- You should make a music playlist only for school

4- You can watch back to school lunch ideas videos for this semester

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5- Finish your summer homeworks and and organize your new school supplies and your desk.

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6- Rearranging your room or just somehow making it fresh for the new school year

7- Clean out your wardrobe and go to shopping!

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8- Try new hairstyles

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9- Go out with your friends and do like a fun photo for remember this summer

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10-Get clear skin/ find a good skin care routine

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Ok girlz, I hope my article has liked you, let me know!
See you soon!