1. My school's viceprincipal
He hasn't always been the high school's viceprincipal, the two years before this one he was a physics teacher, and actually last year he was my teacher (that's how everything started).
I trust him a lot beacuse when he was my teacher he had a lot more time to listen to me, talk to me and give me advices about anything. He knows a lot of things about me, he knows me very well, and he is just really nice with me.
Why do I say he has had an impact in my life? First, because I've never liked a teacher before and I was surprised when I realized I liked a teacher. Also beacuse he doesn't treat me like if I were just another student, he treats me differently, of course no one knows that me and him trust each other and that we are like friends and that our relationship viceprincipal-student isn't like it should be (which is like strange because students and authorities at school have a distance relationship, they shouldn't be like 'friends'.)
Btw, don't think me and him are dating or something. He doesn't know I like him, it's just that there's a lot of trustfulness between us.

2. My best friend
Well, I think you already know about him.
I've know him for almost 3 years (our friendversary is on November 7th).
He has helped me a lot, he is such an amazing friend, and I'll always be thankful for having him in my life.

3. Eliana and Cristina
This 2 girls have been in my life for like 10 years.
They are the best girls someone could ever meet. They are always with me at school, they both know I have a crush on the viceprincipal and even ship us.
They have helped me a lot just like my best friend.
If it wasn't for them I would be lost at school and have problems with my assignments.

4. The girls and boys from my english academy
These group of 7 boys and like 2 girls made me realize that life after high school it's not a living hell as I thought.
All of them were older than me and that's how I learned a lot of things. Some of them were at university and also had jobs, some others just were studying and considering the option of getting a job.
They made me think about how I want my life to be, and that's something I'm kind of focusing right know

5. My best friend's ex
Even though I hate to mention her, she has impacted my life, not in a good way of course.
She impacted my life in such a horrible way.
She made me realize that not everyone is like they appear to be.
Thanks to her I know how evil, fake and horrible many people is.
I analized everything that happened between us and now I know how to detect a toxic person and what these kind of people do to your life.


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