Boys and Crushes ❥ 8 - School Project

"We accept the love we think we deserve" - Stephan Chbosky

September 11, 2017

So today is Monday, the Monday we start our 2 week project with people we don't know.. Well I knew one guy and he is a full on disgusting thing ever! We shall call this guy A.

How do I know A? We were in the same class last year and during that time when I was in a group with him last year he would not stop talking about B! B used to be my friend before they thought I was to ugly and so on to be "popular".

All day today he wouldn't do any work! His friend L did work and that was typical, well lets be fair I don't even know L. It came to the last 2 periods of the day when it starts to get more lovey if you get what I mean.

For 2 straight periods A kept looking at B and then they started sending pictures of themselves through airdrop to each other and then B came over and got things moving between them and gave him her number or email I don't know which and then they were FaceTiming in class which was most utterly stupid of them because they were staring at each other the whole time. Till this guy BB knew what they were doing and got the teacher involved and the teacher literally said to B stop flirting and get back to your seat and B said I never knew getting a pen was flirting..

Near the end of the last period A asked L if he likes anyone and he looked at me and said maybe and then A said "YOU'RE GETTING IN WITH THE SHORTIES" like what does A have to say about that his short too!

To be honest if L ever asked me out I might consider a yes because he's a genuine guy and then at least I might be able to get over surfer boy for once but like now I'm so confused! I don't know if I like 2 guys now! That only means one of them is fake and it might be L's but lets be real I asked surfer boy out and he left me read of for 5 days even if he didn't read the message..


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